Decentralized gaming meets the underworld.

Spinning lilith coin

Competitive Gaming

  Lilith Swap will integrate to enable anyone to play or develop Play-To-Earn games on top of it. The flagship launch of Lilith Swap is Crypto Demonz; a 2D pixel arcade series including a single-player Sidescroller with NFT leaderboard, multiplayer Battle Royale with skill-based ETH gaming rewards, and a classic Fighter with NFT in-game functionality.

Play 2 Earn

  Lilith Swap is based on Play-to-Earn gaming as opposed to traditional pay-to-play. Pay-to-earn is only made possible through the power of decentralized blockchain technology. In play-to-earn, players receive ingame rewards with utility and objective value within the ecosystem for specific interactions, making it more attractive to many compared to traditional centralized gaming culture and e-sports.

Epic Merch

  Lilith Swap will host a fully decentralized ecommerce store where LLTH can be exchanged for both physical and digital goods exclusively available to the community. Merch options will include NFTs & custom metaverse wearables as well as physical items like clothing, mugs, art, masks, weapons and more!

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