Pixelated logo of lilith the queen of the underworld

About us

Crypto Demonz v1

  The genesis of the Crypto Demonz NFT collections, the immortal Spawn1. Originally minted at 0.06ETH, spawned 10,000 strong. Owning one not only grants you access to our NFT arcade series but also access to holder’s rewards such as various types of airdrops, staking multiplier advantages, exclusive access to other collections, merch and more. Spawn1 Crypto Demonz may be offered as sacrifices to Lilith Swap to gain new advantages in the ecosystem based on your infernal intentions, fueling our deflationary model, making surviving Spawn1’s that much rarer.

Crypto Demonz v2

  The second phase of our horde, the Crypto Demonz Spawn2 collection features a more menacing art-style and traits befitting its utility within the ecosystem. The Spawn2 offers the only way to gain P2E (play-to-earn) ETH rewards in Battle Royale, as well as pfp’s tied to leaderboard ranking display. Spawn1 holders were allowed to mint these menacing Demonz by means of Sacrificing (3) Spawn1 NFT’s to Lilith Swap. 1000/2000 total supply minted by our loyal holders. The remaining supply was forged by the Prince of Darkness himself to tactically sell on Secondary markets like OpenSea and to Air Drop for holders/giveaways/partnerships over time.

Lilith Swap

  Lilith Swap is the baseline ecosystem for a bridge between L1 Ethereum Mainnet NFT utility, and L2 Polygon Blockchain Gaming… Lilith Swap's main token LLTH is the primary means of exchange within this ecosystem. Lilith Swap will host P2E Parlor games, ERC20 Staking pools, defi ecommerce for physical merchandise, and most importantly, NFT Staking pools and Blockchain Gaming framework that will be available as a product/service for other P2E projects.


  The CDZ.Staking formula is a simple and devilishly effective custom APR build, rewarding all tiers of our Crypto Demonz collections along with other collections we deem worthy of bathing in our staking pools. A normalizer # is used to apply the same APR formula from our Spawn collections, to any other external collection that wants to stake for LLTH token in exchange for Liquidity Provision and equity in their project to be distributed to our community. Spawn1 holders will be responsible for the creation of the large part of the LLTH tokens in existence over time based on most logical projections with their weighted staking APR versus other Spawn tiers, a great reward, and a great responsibility lies upon the shoulders of Spawn1 OG’s. LLTH will have many use-cases across the CryptoDemonz ecosystem.

Satan's Cathedral

  Our first solo-player game, a 3-part sidescroller 80px height dungeon game. Satan is not yet King of Hell and is instead currently the General of Hell's armies, he has been condemned as a traitor and court-marshaled by Astaroth the current King of hell for speaking out against the King publicly to a group of Head Demonz. Instead of facing the royal court after the news of a court-marshal, Satan heads on his way to Astaroth's Cathedral with the intention of claiming the Stronghold for himself and confronting his arch-nemesis Astaroth…

The Abyss

  Hell’s hottest destination for Crypto Demonz NFT holders and outsiderz alike, to let off some sulfur and try their hand at winning favor & fortunes of LLTH. The Abyss will feature a handpicked selection of Satan’s favorite parlor games, animated and interactive, such as LLTH Blackjack and the Wheel of Destiny, more to be announced. Parlor games in the Abyss will give the LLTH token utility even before our sidescroller Satan’s Cathedral release, gain us well-deserved exposure through liquidity provision on ‘Dexes and set up Spawn1 holders with a sustainable, passive APR. Play to earn or play to burn, may Lilith’s favor be with you. Tiered, in-game fee reductions exist for all Spawn Collections.